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Choreographic Work

Let's Play Girl (2017)

Choreography and Performance: Michal Ingber & Stav Bar-Nahum Frank

Photography: Felix Kris

In our creative process, we explored the question of what is femininity. We explored the transition from a girl to a woman, and asked:
What does it mean to be a woman? How should a woman carry herself in society? What makes me a woman? Is it my body? Is it the way I move? Is it the way I don't move? Can I move freely or am I supposed to keep myself contained? Can I be aggressive, masculine, ugly, confused, and still be beautiful? What happens when I break out of society's expectations of me as a woman?

The piece was first performed in “The Strainer” in Kibbutzim College, Tel-Aviv, December 2017.


The Spider and the Butterfly (2016)

Concept, knitting and acting: Noa Becker
Choreographer and dancer: Stav Bar-Nahum Frank

Costume Designer: Chen Tur Ner

The Spider and the Butterfly, is an outdoor performance, set amongst trees and rocks, combining three forms of art - Theatre, Dance and Crochet. It tells the story of a devious, cunning lady spider who is weaving a giant web, waiting patiently for her prey. While she is busy wondering what will get tangled in her web, a curious little caterpillar approaches and playfully wonders around the spiderweb’s threads, which he mistakes for a big playground. Unfortunately, he falls into the spider’s trap and realizes he is about to become the spider’s next meal. What will be the fate of the caterpillar? Will he be able to save himself from the clutching hands of the lady spider and turn into a butterfly?

The piece was first performed in the International Puppet Theatre Festival  in Jerusalem, August 2016, as part of the “ZOOOOOOO” project, produced by Hadas Ofrat and Shachar Marom.


Butterflying (2016)

Choreography: Stav Bar-Nahum Frank

Artistic Adviser: Anat Grigorio

Music: Noam Helfer

Photography: Nathan Yakobovitch

Wrapping myself inside, for a mission of coming outside to the world, just like nature's rules. Being without hurrying. Letting myself unfold, peel, shake, vibrate fearlessly and eventually transform myself. A new world filled with new opportunities appears in front of me. My journey has begun.

The piece was created and performed during the Self Performance Workshop leaded by choreographer Anat Grigorio, Tel-Aviv, August 2016.

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