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BINTI (2019)

Choreography and Performance: Stav Bar-Nahum Frank

Creative, Stage Design and Art: Orna Rottenberg

Sound Editing: Eldar Baruch

Music: Dani Cohen - Barek Berick Elhama | Aharon Amram - Shedai Emor Na Dai, Alef Alefat Kalbi Chabtein.

Artistic Consultation: Anat Grigorio, Anat Va'adia. Supported by Seminar

Photography: Orna Rottenberg, Dima Haver.

Videography: Daniel Pakes


The creation was made with the support of Hakibutzim College and Ramat Israel-Bizaron Community Center.

סתיו- בינתי.jpg

The piece premiered on August 2019 in Habait Theater. In addition, it performed in Tabula Rasa Festival, Love Art Make Art Festival and Suzanne Dellal Center.

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